A Trusted Shoreline Handyman for Your Home

RW Handyman is delighted to offer its services to the homeowners of Shoreline, bringing high standards, excellent workmanship and professional experience to any home maintenance or repair work you may need.

Shoreline is a historic Washington town with convenient proximity to downtown Seattle and beautiful waterfront views. The homes in Shoreline come in all shapes and sizes and were built during a variety of construction periods, but we at RW Handyman bring the same unbeatable standards and experience to each project we tackle, no matter what its size and no matter what type of home we are working in.

We Tackle Any Project in Your Shoreline Home

Whether you need a broken window repaired or a deck re-stained, we are here to do the job quickly and professionally, tailoring our work to your needs. We tackle a wide variety of handyman jobs including the installation of light fixtures, cabinets and doors; fixing broken gutters and repairing drywall, siding or pipes; and cleaning or powerwashing dirty surfaces that need deep scouring. We can help you with the large-scale renovation or remodel you've wanted to do for some time.

Receive Regular Handyman Visits with HomeCare

Regular home maintenance reduces the risk of unexpected and costly damage to your home. Allowing your home to sit without some kind of ongoing, preventative care can expose your home to seasonal dangers and potential damage during storms or earthquakes. You can avoid costly emergencies by taking advantage of our HomeCare package, working with one of our professionals to design a maintenance service plan specific to the needs of your home. Whether you need frequent visits or one visit per year, this plan will ensure that the needs of your Shoreline home are serviced and that nothing is overlooked.

Call us at 206-778-4100 to speak to one of our professional handymen today, or write us a note on our ontact page and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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