Roof Sealing Prevents Costly Repairs

Chimney Seal

Let RW Handyman Make Sure Your Roof Is Watertight

Living in Washington, we know our homes need to be completely rainproof. A leaky roof or cracked chimney can lead to damaged drywall or insulation, mold in attics and other problems with costly repairs.

Unfortunately, you may not find a crack until it's too late, creating a large, damaging leak. Our HomeCare program customers can, thankfully, rest assured knowing that we're regularly checking their roofs and chimneys. We aim to find and fix problems as soon as possible through consistent maintenance.

During our regular visit to this SeaTac location, we found cracking above the chimney. Since we had done the last patch job, we repaired it with better material before a leak could cause any damage. Our before-and-after photo above shows a closeup of the crack and then an overall shot of the finished job.

If your roof leaks during heavy rains or you know a fixture on your roof needs sealing, give us a call. Or if you might be interested in regular maintenance, let us set you up on a plan.

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