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Bush Trimming

Stop Beating Around the Bush: Let Us Trim Your Shrubs!

Trees and other greenery make Washington State beautiful. However, they can also make for a lot of hard work. Storms leave debris, fall leaves cover lawns and sidewalks, trees can grow dangerously close to wires and overgrown shrubs crowd walkways. Thankfully, we're here to help!

At RW Handyman, we provide all kinds of professional landscaping in addition to handyman services. Our HomeCare home maintenance customers can rely on us for regular home maintenance, and they can trust us with their specific landscaping requests.

Take a look at the photos from this SeaTac location, where low-hanging branches were crowding the sidewalk. Since we work with this customer on an ongoing basis, the resident asked us to trim back branches on our next visit. When we arrived at the location, we performed our usual services such as cleaning gutters and replacing burnt out lights. Then we cleared overgrown brush and trimmed overhanging branches that were creeping into the walkway.

If your trees or shrubbery need to be clipped back, think about calling on RW Handyman.

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