Professional Handyman Services in Renton, WA

RW Handyman is a highly respected home maintenance company offering professional service at competitive rates for homeowners in Renton, Washington.

Long known as a powerhouse of industry in the Puget Sound area, Renton boasts large Boeing plants, Virginia Mason Athletic Center, IKEA and vibrant new commercial and residential developments. The city’s population has doubled over the past 20 years, with many new homes joining Renton residences that have been around for many years. As these houses weather the changes of season year after year, it is important to keep them well-maintained so that damage, decay and disrepair is avoided.

A Handyman for Any Occasion

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and we can provide professional handyman services in Renton that include home remodeling and repair projects, yearly maintenance and assistance with landscaping and design. With a history of building and remodeling custom homes, we are used to approaching projects of all sizes, and we bring the same expertise, skill and attention to every job, whether it is a kitchen renovation or simply repairing a leaking pipe.

If you are interested in scheduling consistent home maintenance, consider our HomeCare plan in which you design a custom home maintenance schedule specific to your needs, with regular visits from one of our professional handymen at a frequency of your choice, usually weekly, monthly or yearly.

Let Us Keep Your Renton Home in Great Shape

Keeping your Renton home well-maintained is a financially wise choice, as it cuts back on unexpected repairs and costly wear-and-tear on your home. Many people are burdened with expenses due to home maintenance problems that could have been prevented with timely repair work and a consistent evaluation of your home’s condition. Protect your greatest asset by calling in one of our experienced, skilled handymen to help you decide how to keep your house in the best shape possible.


A comprehensive approach to home maintenance.
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