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RW Handyman offers honest, skilled handyman services in Puyallup, Washington, serving the homeowners of Puyallup in every kind of home need. Committed to excellent work and superior customer service, RW Handyman strives to keep your costs low while still delivering results that meet or exceed expectations.

Being the well-known home of vibrant antique shops and the annual September fair that bears its name, Puyallup is known for its downtown valley featuring well-kept, dignified homes. As a Puyallup homeowner, you can ensure your home is always well-maintained and looking its very best with RW Handyman.

A Great Choice For Unparalleled Skill, Service and Savings

RW Handyman uses only the most skilled craftsmen.

Whether your home needs routine maintenance or any kind of repair, RW Handyman is there for you. We offer both major and minor house repairs, and our home renovations satisfy those looking to undertake a major project. Annual or seasonal beautification and maintenance keeps your house looking its best, and we also offer landscaping and free design consultation.

Every job we provide is carried out by skilled handymen who have a passion for serving homeowners and carrying out our high standards for repairs, maintenance tasks and construction. Whether you're looking to add a new deck to your house, have a leaky pipe fixed or simply want to swap out the old tile in your kitchen, RW Handyman has the perfect solution to your Puyallup household's needs.

Our HomeCare Plans Keep Your Home In Great Condition

HomeCare is a smart option that allows you and a professional handyman to develop a customized maintenance plan for your Puyallup home. Every house is different, and with RW Handyman, each HomeCare plan is tailored to the homeowner's needs.

Plans include regular visits from a skilled handyman, but the frequency and details of each visit are up to you. With HomeCare, we provide necessary seasonal upkeep for your house, as well as the kind checks and maintenance that will allow your home to stay safe and beautiful year in and year out.


A comprehensive approach to home maintenance.
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