Repairing Dry Rot and Loose Paint

Ongoing Maintenance Protects and Beautifies Any Property

At this Issaquah property, we were asked to address pillars and windows suffering from dry rot and loose paint. This kind of maintenance pays off in two ways: First, it immediately causes the property to look much more attractive. Second, it preserves the trim, walls and pillars of the property, causing them to last longer than they otherwise would without the maintenance.

For this job, we scraped loose paint on window sills, pillars and other dry-rotted areas and prepped with TSP substitute to protect plants, since actual TSP cleaner can be harmful to them. Then we caulked and repainted the trim to match.

As wet weather approaches, it's a good idea to make sure your outdoor trim is caulked, painted and protected from the elements. This job was part of our ongoing maintenance for this property. If you are interested in scheduling ongoing maintenance for your home, please contact us today!

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