Shining the Light on Touched-Up Paint

Our Handyman Crew Is Ready to Brighten Up Your Day

This Issaquah homeowner needed the lights turned on. But first, they wanted the paint touched up.

We understand. Why turn on the lights if walls don't look so pretty to begin with? If you need touch-up work done, let us match it, patch it and paint it for you. And if you just can't get the lights to come on, we are lighting experts. On this job, we had to replace an electrical ballast in an outdoor gate light, and it was back up and running in no time.

We had done work for this customer before, so we had most of the materials for this visit ready to go. That's the benefit of our HomeCare home maintenance program: It's like having a maintenance man on call for your home. A variety of recurring issues like these can easily be addressed in one quick stop.

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