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Trust your gutters and downspouts to RW Handyman

Trust Your Gig Harbor Home Repairs to an Able Handyman

RW Handyman works efficiently to protect and repair homes in Gig Harbor. We are a detail-oriented company, delighted to provide countless household services tailored to your own home. Our trained handymen work diligently to keep your home safe and beautiful.

Gig Harbor's tranquil seaside setting with its gorgeous views of the mountains and Puget Sound is a place where a beautifully kept home can really shine. Unfortunately, it's also a place where the weather and elements can make the upkeep and maintenance of a home quite difficult. If you are a Gig Harbor homeowner, let RW Handyman lighten your load by providing complete home maintenance in addition to any lingering tasks you may have hoped to accomplish.

A Wide-Ranging List of Services Available

Let RW Handyman fix your leaky faucet.

RW Handyman takes care of any kind of home repair or maintenance needs. Our skilled crew provides excellent, competent work in every area of your home, including such wide-ranging tasks as cleaning out gutters, staining a deck or fixing damaged drywall, tile or concrete. We also construct additions and offer renovations to keep your home looking its very best. RW Handyman provides a free consultation for every job, where we discuss what we can do for your home.

Consider Regular Upkeep With a HomeCare Plan

If you are looking for upkeep on a regular schedule, HomeCare is a preventative service offered by RW Handyman for your Gig Harbor home. If you are interested, a professional serviceman will come to your home and help you evaluate what kinds maintenance your house might benefit from throughout the year. Projects such as pest control, interior caulking and roof improvement are common, but your maintenance will probably vary depending on the condition of your property and your own preferences as a homeowner.

With HomeCare, you receive professional advice about the needs of your home and have the opportunity to decide which services most fit your lifestyle. HomeCare is a proactive way to keep your house running smoothly and free you up to do more with your time. Simply call RW Handyman at 253-335-8888 or email us from our contact page to discover how we can help you care for your home.


A comprehensive approach to home maintenance.
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