Federal Way Handyman Repair and Maintenance

RW Handyman is pleased to offer its affordable home maintenance and repair services to homeowners in Federal Way.

Federal Way is a growing and ever-changing city with homeowners who take great pride in their properties. RW Handyman fosters its own sense of pride by keeping the homes of Federal Way residents in the best possible condition throughout the year, doing the handyman jobs that allow homes to operate efficiently and comfortably.

A Variety of Services for Federal Way Homeowners

Whether it is a minor repair, yearly or seasonal maintenance work or a landscaping or design task, we offer expertise, skilled craftsmanship, creative ideas and experienced problem-solving strategies to ensure that your home is kept in the best possible condition. As a division of RW Anderson Homes, a highly regarded builder of custom homes in the Seattle area, we are used to tackling both large-scale projects and small modifications with equal skill and attention.

If you are a Federal Way homeowner who needs work or maintenance done on your home, send us a note on our contact page or reach us by telephone at 253-335-8888. Some of our common repair projects include fixing broken pipes, patching drywall, repairing tile and caulking windows and other moisture-sensitive elements in the house. We also excel at home-enhancing projects, such as adding a new deck or porch, remodeling your kitchen or installing flood lights on your property.

The Convenient HomeCare Maintenance Plan

To make maintaining your home more convenient, we offer a home maintenance plan called HomeCare. With HomeCare, you can put together a customized service plan with one of our professional handymen, which will meet the needs of your home on a regular basis, giving you peace of mind and establishing a reliable client-customer relationship. If you are interested in the peace of mind that HomeCare offers, contact us to create a customized plan to meet your home’s needs.


A comprehensive approach to home maintenance.
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