Everett Handyman Home Maintenance and Repair

RW Anderson Handyman is proud to be a reliable, well-respected home maintenance and repair company that offers its services to residents in Everett.

Crowning the north tip of the Seattle metropolitan area, Everett is known for its own unique history as a prosperous lumber town, for being home to the world famous Boeing jumbo jet factory and for its historic buildings and varied culture. Everett homeowners can rely on RW Handyman to approach their home maintenance needs with the highest skill, most efficient service and a wealth of experience in building, repairing and maintaining some of the finest homes in the region.

Give Us Any Task or Project

Our handymen have performed so many different maintenance and repair tasks, it would be impossible to list them all here. But some examples include re-siding homes, repairing steps and sidewalks, building a new utility room or removing an unwanted chimney. Our versatile team can execute anything from landscaping to remodeling with confidence. We love projects of all sizes and tackle large-scale renovations and small to-do lists with equal vigor.

If your Everett home is in need of repair work or maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us your needs and ideas. You can write us a quick note on our contact page so we can get in touch with you as soon as possible, or you may give us a call at 206-778-4100. Whatever your project entails, whether it is an addition to the house, staining a backyard deck or simply repairing tile, drywall or a broken pipe, we are always happy to be of service.

HomeCare: Year-Round, Worry-Free Maintenance

We also offer a customized home maintenance plan called Home Care, which allows you to make use of our handyman services regularly throughout the year. You can come up with a plan for the upkeep of your home with one of our professional handymen, requesting weekly, monthly or yearly service on your home to keep it in top condition and to reduce the high costs incurred by disrepair or damage.


A comprehensive approach to home maintenance.
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